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CD10 & CD20 Aperture Card Duplicator

The CD10 Aperture Card Duplicator copies, punches and prints a preset number of copycards from each master card at a speed of 1,000 cards per hour. The CD10 is operated by an attached PC controller which makes a host of facilities available for the production of volumes of copycards. The Distribution Control Software for the CD10 (DCS10) allows the flexible and extensive control of the production of duplicate aperture cards for distribution.

The CD20 Aperture Card Duplicator has exactly the same functionality as the CD10 Duplicator but a higher speed of 1,800 cards per hour. Also, a special high speed punch unit operates at almost twice the speed of the CD10.

The CC1 Aperture Card Collator is designed to fit underneath the CD10 or CD20 Duplicators. Copycards are received directly from the duplicator and automatically arranged into sorted or collated sets.

The CP1 Keypunch/Encoder is a special keypunching unit for systems that cannot justify a full card duplicator. Cards may be punched before or after image duplication. In addition, the CP1 is a card reader that can be used to provide files of data of the punching contained in decks of cards.

Wicks and Wilson also manufacture and supply consumables for the CD range of duplicators and other microfilm systems, click here for further information.

Please click here for the technical specification of the Apertue Card Duplicator range, alternatively to have us mail you the brochures or have your local dealer contact you, please fill in the response form here.

Wicks and Wilson - Aperture Card Duplicators

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