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ACO-2 Aperture Card Plotstation

The ACO-2 Plotstation is a complete aperture card plotting solution that plots digital image data from a CAD system or document management system permanently onto microfilm aperture cards.

Raster or vector digital image data is passed to the Plotstation and automatically laser-plotted onto industry standard archival microfilm aperture cards with Hollerith punching and printing.

35mm aperture cards provide a permanent, tamper-proof record of an engineering drawing or other document and are not vulnerable to evolutionary changes which accompany other types of storage media. Wicks and Wilson also manufacture and supply consumables (cards and chemicals) for the Plotstation and other microfilm systems, click here for further information.

For more information on archiving to microfilm, click here to go to the Film based Imaging Association (FbIA) site.

Wicks and Wilson - Aperture Card Plotter

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ACO-2 Machine Specification
. ACO-2 PC Specification

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