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Wicks & WilsonOn Friday, November 23, Wicks and Wilson/Crowley relocated to a modern, environmentally-friendly facility within Basingstoke. The new office and production facility will increase our productivity and allow us to serve you better. Click here for our new address. Phone and fax numbers remain the same.

Welcome to Wicks and Wilson, manufacturers of microfilm scanners, microfiche scanners, aperture cards and aperture card scanners and the UScan universal (microform) scanner.

Wicks and Wilson, a Crowley Company, is a  world leader in the design and manufacture of electronic imaging products for the digital scanning, records management and archival preservation industries.

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The Scanstation range of microfilm scanning products are recognised to provide the ultimate in high speed conversion of microfilm to digital data.  Microfilm scanning solutions are available for all formats; roll film, microfiche, on-demand microform scanner and aperture cards.


UScan - The Universal Film Scanner

The Crowley Company's Wicks and Wilson division is pleased to Introduce the UScan, our first self-manufactured on-demand microform scanner. Ideal for walk-up use in all verticals, the UScan offers color digitization, batch scanning and multiple image storage options.

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