UScan+ HD Universal Microfilm Scanners

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Easy-to-Use Patron Film Scanner

Designed and manufactured by The Crowley Company, Wicks and Wilson’s parent company, the ultra-portable UScan+ HD Universal Film (UF) series embodies the best technology from the firm’s high-end production units and fits easily on a standard desktop, making it convenient for any film scanning needs.

With an 18 megapixel ultra-high resolution active pixel sensor array and full color, bitonal, and grayscale scan options, these machines are capable of producing images of the highest quality that capture the integrity of originals – which means no worries about information loss in digital versions. In fact, they’re designed for the digital age, with options for output ranging from print, to USB, to email, to cloud storage, and even automatically convert digital text into a searchable format, making finding information easier than ever before.

They’re efficient, with low-noise operation, easy image capture via one button, and a touchscreen-controlled interface that makes use intuitive, straightforward, and easy. They’re secure, equipped with with Kensington security locks.

And, last but not least, these machines are incredibly versatile, as well. The UScan+ film scanner converts all film formats:

  • Microfilm
  • Microfiche
  • Jumbo fiche
  • Ultrafiche
  • Aperture cards
  • Micro-cards
  • Photographic materials (slides, negatives, etc.)
  • 35 mm perforated films

Whatever the film medium, this scanner is up to the task. Whether used for its digital microfilm reader capabilities or for any other microform scanning, the Uscan+ HD Universal Film (UF) series is designed for high quality imaging and ease-of-use.

UScan+ HD UF-Series Film Scanner Technical Details

The UScan+ HD UF-Series offers:

  • First in the industry with 18 Megapixel active pixel sensor array on UScan+ HD and +HD LTE models
  • Multi-format scanning
  • Digital microfilm reader capability
  • Output to print/USB/email/cloud
  • Color, bitonal and grayscale scan options
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • One-button frame capture
  • Motorized roll film option with full RapidScan batch scanning
  • Direct output to searchable text (OCR)
  • Customizable icon-driven touchscreen interface
  • Kensington security lock

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